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Brief introduction on Mūzaïc and my role . Mūzaïc is a casual game that is played over the PC and on online social networks like facebook. You will take upon the role of growing and cultivating their own musical garden in order to create the ideal home for an endearing race of musical creatures known as Mūzes (the little magical creatures that play music in your garden).

Mūzaïc is an audio masterpiece that is designed to be accessible to the visually impaired and yet has to be visually appealing to sighted players at the same time. So Ms Joanne Loo and myself are the artist on the team. The biggest challenge at first, is to design the Mūzes in a way that their look and attire matches the kind of music that they are playing. Research after research , lots of sketches rejected and finally we got something that we are pretty sure would work. ( will not be showing enormous amount of sketches, but some of those which are closer to the final look. )

Once the game went on production , we are ready for conversion into the actual game sprites. It will have a vector based look because it will be a flash application on facebook.

(click on image below, click again to enlarge)

( Mūzaïc's empty and full garden )

In-game sprites without sound (below)

Animation on the game sprite is another issue when the Mūzes have to synchronize to the music and dance. The technical challenge here is to deal with the milli secs of lag when loading or playing the music. we will not get into any of that here.

( Mūzaïc is a facebook game project complete within 2 months with a team of 7 )

Labbit Escape

This is basically a revamp of old graphics using old school mechanics. Very much like playing the old 'super mario' with a countdown timer attached. Using the mechanical rabbit escapist, you are supposed to help it to clear the levels. Have worked on the game sprite and the backdrops. Flash based game.

Air Castle interactive mini game

The bigger picture of this project is to explain about daydreams and nightmares to the children. Content of the interactive CD includes : A short animation, A mini game and some information about dreaming. We have actually worked with our interactive designer Bruce Mak on the project, providing him with assets for an interactive CD. The content includes a mini game and basic information on dreaming. (below are some screenshots of the contents in the interactive CD )

(Informative content)

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