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Property Rush

Property Rush is done sometime ago. It is actually a video opening for a 'monopoly like game'. The essence here is to try and make a interesting game opening on a game that most people will already understand. The unqiue part of this game is that it takes the context of the life in singapore. Backdrops closely modelled to the reference of singapore , while making it a stylize piece. My Job here is to texture and model some of the buildings and 2 of the characters . Was involved in the animation on the 2 characters.

(Two of the characters. a hawker, the other a cleaner)
(low polygon models of the background)
(Cover art of Property Rush )

Air Castle

Air Castle is targeted at a younger age group from pre-school and up. This would have justify the use of vibrant colours and minimum dialogue to convey the message. Air castle talks about the struggle of a little creature who try and build a daydream in mid air ( in a form of an air castle ), but is constantly interrupted by another cautious little kid.

below are some very early concepts sketches of the characters done . ( a fair bit of changes was input after this for the final animation )

(click to enlarge)
We have taken out the Dreamseed character. Initially we have been trying to get a mascot for the team , but it didn't work out. Anyway, here is the link to the video :

( Air Castle is a Interactive CD project complete within 5 months with a team of 4 )

Promotional Animation For Mūzaïc

Promotional flash based animation.

++ For a sample of my animation showreel click here


  1. Jacqueline28.12.08

    *ahem* Ojisan! You seemed to be coughing since last year you know???? Please go see doctor ley!

    Anyway, just wanna tell you the drawings of the Frames Di Vita's blog are interesting! Jia you! As for the project name, any guidelines as to how many words to the name or just a single-worded title?

  2. Hey thanks. Its uncurable (old problem ), but sure its not TB haha.
    The name can range from 1 word to a sentence. no exact word count though. it is about many dilemmas kids face these days, which we portray those in some sort of a dreamland.
    thanks again for commenting

  3. ok I don't know if this suggestion helps but "Idiosyncrasies" is what i can think of... haha... just random...

  4. Alvin1.1.09

    It sure helps. we'll check that out.

  5. Aloha ojisan!

    I like your work! Jiayou! wheee~~~! =)

  6. Thx Jac. wow so many !!! That high lolx